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Yolanda Velásquez

I have a passion for color, a desire to create. Through art is how I reflect my subconscious like memories of scenes and places that I have visited and lived in. Different colors, the energy of the places, and the memories they represent are an in inspiration for me. Using a diversity of painting methods, I work with both oil and acrylic mediums. Although I like the textures and intensity of the oil, the acrylic gives me the freedom to use all kinds of tools including my fingers.

In my work, I try to capture what is arising in my mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, the beauty and ugliness, motivations, tales and dreams. These are stories that sometimes slowly or sometimes fast unfold on my canvases. AS for the abstract, I enjoy the freedom of creating my own compositions,, I give the viewer a beautiful world of excitement were they can use their imagination to take them to a magical place.

Many of my artworks are made with mixed media technique harmoniously blending textures into acrylic colors.I paint my emotions and feelings, so most of my art is very personal, but, at the same time, there is somebody’s story behind and I just want to connect both realities.


Yolanda Velasquez is a Colombian born artist, whose work reflects scenes from her native country, and her travels and adventures around the world. She captures the nature magic and beauty of each country, and the women that nurture it. Initiated in fine arts at renowned Colombian artist David Manzur’s academy, Yolanda followed her training with studies in industrial design, drawing, and coloring techniques. She mixes textures and vibrant colours in her paintings, to capture the beauty and motion of real life scenes. Originally inspired by the pride of her Colombian culture, her style evolved as a result of immersions throughout Asia, and most recently by the breathtaking natural scenes from Australia. Yolanda’s style is transitioning from realism to an abstract exploration of the richness of impressionism. Her bold paintings are housed in private collections around the world, and her new collection of abstracts paintings develop after her return to Houston, summarize the process of rediscovering her roots and latino identity within the American culture.
2021- 2022
Consulado a general de Colombia en Houston - Solo Exhibición.
MFAH- Glasell Art School – Collective Exhibition
Institute Of Hispanic Culture
Gallery Charles Garcia
2016 - 2017
Studio Open House, Solo Exhibition
Student & Tutor Exhibition --Tresillian Arts Center
Salon Latin Art - Galerie Claire Obscure
Femmes du Monde – Galerie du Gildo Pastor Center
Art Basel Week – Wynwood , Miami Arts District
Insight – Espitia Gallery – Wynwood, Miami
VIP Art Gallery Tour
Tarragona, Spain
Matices @ CT Art Gallery
Liege, Belgium
La Spirale en Printemps – Galerie La Spirale
Le Printemps de Colombia Artistica
VIP Art Gallery Tour, Space 30
Gallerie Thullier ,Paris
VIP Art Gallery Tour 2014
2012 - 2013
Kuala Lumpur
Art Expo Malaysia 2013
Art Expo Malaysia 2012