Yolanda Velasquez is a Colombian-born artist whose work reflects scenes from her native country as well as her travels and adventures around the world. She captures the natural magic and beauty of each country, including the women that nurture it.

Initiated in fine arts at renowned Colombian artist David Manzur’s academy, Yolanda followed her training with studies in industrial design, drawing, and coloring techniques. She mixes textures and vibrant colors in her paintings to capture the beauty and motion of real life scenes. Originally inspired by the pride of her Colombian culture, her style evolved as a result of immersions throughout Asia, and most recently by the breathtaking natural scenes from Australia.

Yolanda’s style is transitioning from realism to an abstract exploration of the richness of impressionism. Her bold paintings are housed in private collections around the world. Her new collection of abstract paintings has developed after her return to Houston, summarizing the process of rediscovering her roots and Latino identity within the American culture.

Yolanda Velasquez Artist