Yolanda Velasquez

Artist Statement

 I have a passion for color, and a desire to create. Through art is how I reflect my subconscious, like memories of scenes and places that I have visited and lived in. Different colors, the energy of the places, and the memories they represent are an inspiration for me. Using a diversity of painting methods, I work with both oil and acrylic mediums. Although I like the textures and intensity of the oil, the acrylic gives me the freedom to use all kinds of tools including my fingers. 

In my work, I try to capture what is arising in my mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, the beauty and ugliness, motivations, tales and dreams. These are stories that sometimes slowly or sometimes rapidly unfold on my canvases.  

As for the abstract, I enjoy the freedom of creating my own compositions. I give the viewer a beautiful world of excitement where they can use their imagination so they can be taken to a magical place.

Many of my pieces are made with mixed media technique, harmoniously blending textures into acrylic colors. I paint my emotions and feelings, so most of my art is very personal, but at the same time, there is somebody’s story behind and my goal to connect both realities.